1. Payment Take Over
    In some situations, we step in and take over your monthly obligations. You hold the mortgage, but we make payments on your behalf. This allows you to move on to the next chapter of your life.
  2. Fast Cash
    QIK-MONEY accelerates the closing process by eliminating costly steps associated with the typical sales process. Fast close means fast cash!
  3. Confidential
    Every aspect of your situation is kept 100% confidential. We do not share, or sell data to third party companies! No one other than your specialist needs to know your business.
  4. Free Consultation
    Our specialists provide free consultation based on your situation. During the call, they will assess your property's value and make a cash offer, or provide you with an alternate workable solution.
  5. Credit Repair
    Even when we cannot immediately help you, we can connect you with specialists equipped to improve damaged, or low credit ratings.
  6. Workable Solutions
    We pride ourselves on finding workable solutions for every situation. We recognize the importance of having a partner to work through real-life challenges.